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Dandelion Leaves

Steph is an excellent listener and creates an environment which makes it easy to talk about difficult subjects, even though my counselling was online.



I felt that I was able to open up without fear of judgement throughout our sessions. They allowed me to process and reflect on my emotions and helped me find the right words to describe how I was feeling.


Wild Nature

On several occasions, it became clear why I would struggle to connect with other people and what conditioned that. These sessions have helped me to become more aware of my behaviour and reactions.


Nature Tokens

I went into our sessions not really understanding why I was feeling anxious and depressed. I didn't really want to talk or open up because the truth was I didn't know: a) what to say, or b) why I felt this way. 

I remember the first thing you did that stuck with me was making sure I knew the difference between thoughts and feelings and making sure I knew the difference. This helped begin the change. You also introduced me to the story of the two wolves and that has had an truly sizeable impact on my life for the better. You allowed me the space to talk, even when I felt I didn't know what to say, but the more I did say, the better I felt. After all of our sessions I had developed a method of turning my thoughts around and developing a positive outlook.  


Now, a year on, if I have a worry, I deal with it, and my mind is clear of anxiety and depression and I'm off my anti depressants.


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